Our company established in 2009 for developing environment friendly technology and process. We started a nationwide free recycling program and providing the best solution to our customers.
These days, our mission is recycling much as possible down, feather and cotton bedding by set up a nationwide recycling drop off locations and create new jobs opportunities in U.S. Saving bird's life against unnecessary industrial farming and ecological clean agricultural land from the consumer society by reduce the deterioration of the environment.
We can't guaranty stopping killing birds for their downs and feather but with your help we can dramatically reduce the unnecessary birds suffering and killing process.
We are specialized for collecting comforters pillows and other down and feather products for recycling process and create valuable product.

The recycled raw material supply goodwill brand companies in the Italian furniture and South American furniture industries also to Chinese light industries.

Also start a supporting program to Awards our partner companies who connecting in the organization.

We'll rewarding annually from our most active customers in difference category Zero Waste product awards, Birds life saver

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